The Church Has Left The Building
Duration:55 mins 50 secs

Cawson Street Church of Christ Date: March 29, 2020

Title: The Church Has Left The Building

Speaker: Mike Green

The current crisis has had a profound impact on many human institutions. It has upended economies, challenged businesses and put stresses on governments around the world. The church, an earthly extension of a heavenly kingdom, has been impacted too. One thing that has become very apparent through all this...

The Church is NOT a building!

With assemblies canceled, events postponed, offices closed and folks worshiping from home, this crisis gives us a unique opportunity to examine the nature and structure of the church. For the time being the church has, not just metaphorically, but literally, left the building. This Sunday at 10 AM we will examine some of the implications of this reality in the sermon.

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