Sun, Apr 19, 2020

Longing for Worship

Cawson Street Church of Christ Date: April 19, 2020 Title: Longing for Worship Speaker: Mike Green
Duration:9 mins

Before the Sermon

Longing for Worship 
Sunday, April 19th 2020
What do you miss most about being together in worship? Is it the singing? Is it the face-to-face fellowship? Over this past month I have grown more appreciative of the blessing of coming together in worship. That's not to say we are not worshipping when we are at home. No, we are brethren! But this time has given us all a chance to reflect on the palace and meaning of worship in our lives. 
Psalm 42 is a beautiful Psalm which invites us to consider the heart of worship. What it means to desire worship as a thirsty animal longs for a drink of water. On Sunday we will be studying this Psalm together in our message.
Preparing for the Sermon:
  • Read Psalm 42.
  • Print out the attached sermon snippet.
  • Write a sentence or two about why worship is important to you.
  • Bible study extra: Create your own outline of Psalm 42.

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