Why do we pray?
Children learn essential habits at an early age. Parents and guardians teach children all sorts of essential skills as they grow. These skills are necessary to live a functional life. Without them, we go through life disabled.
As children of God we must learn to pray. In fact, Jesus' disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. And He did! Prayer is something that should be a part of every Christians life. The act of prayer is essential to our growth as Christians. Without it, we are disabled spiritually.
One of the consistent things I have heard throughout this crisis is that folks are praying more, and more often. Maybe, just maybe, God is using this crisis to, among other things, teach us to pray!
Getting ready for the sermon...
  1. Download the sermon snippet and print it out
  2. Read Luke 11:1-13
  3. Consider the following questions:

a. What words do I frequently say when I pray? What am I most often praying for/about?

b. What is my prayer habit?

c. Do I have a ministry of prayer?


Sermon Snippet: PDF

Sermon Slides:  PowerPoint




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