Dear Brethren,
“Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord O my soul!” Psalm 146:1
God is certainly worthy of all our praise, for His goodness and kindness He has shown us. As we all have struggled to respond to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, we have done so with the knowledge God is in control.
Our congregation entered into what we called our “phase 2” regathering on July 1st. We would like to commend you as a congregation for adhering to the safe gathering guidelines we put in place. Because each person has done their part we have been able to assembly safely at the building these past two months. Thank you!
We had previously announced our decision to move into “phase 3” at the beginning of September. Thankfully, COVID numbers continue to look better at the present time in our area. We see no need to regress in our efforts to return to a “new normal” at this time. However, the pandemic still persists and we must continue to exercise caution.
Beginning September 1st, we will begin easing into “phase 3” of our regathering plan. We will continue to ask you to practice all of the guidelines given in phase 2 regarding social distancing and safe gathering practices.
Outlined below are some of the changes to expect as we enter into this new phase:
  • Beginning Wednesday, September 9th we will introduce two additional children’s classes. Our deacon of education, Kevin Studer, will make an official announcement regarding these classes on Sunday, August 30th.
  • We will begin preparations to resume Sunday AM Bible classes at a later date to be announced.
  • We will begin preparations to resume some of our outreach opportunities to include the food pantry, clothing giveaway, etc.
  • With the elder’s guidance, the deacons will continue to work on plans to resume efforts associated with the various areas of work they have been assigned.
  • While we will continue to live stream our Sunday AM worship service, you should expect disruptions to our Wednesday evening live stream in the coming weeks as we introduce new classes.
We know that many of you have chosen to not assemble with us for health and safety reasons. We want you to know we understand and are 100% supportive of your decisions and your concerns. We will continue to make communion supplies, online giving & online streaming available for your convenience. We strongly feel it is important to assemble, in-person, together as a church. As soon as you feel you are able we hope you will consider joining us again.
We have stressed all along the fluid, and tenuous circumstances surrounding this pandemic. This is still the case. As a result, we have listened carefully to the directions of our local health officials as well as the extended medical community. We have also listened to your cares and concerns throughout this pandemic. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to helping us through these difficult circumstances.
Prayerfully, we can put this pandemic behind us and resume a “new normal” whatever that may look like. Please continue to listen for further announcements as we enter into this new phase of regathering. And, as always, please reach out to anyone of us with any concerns you may have.
In Christian Love,
Your Elders
David Crutchfield
Melvin Jones
Rolf McDaniel
Matt Meadows

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