Dear Brethren,
We thank you for your continued patience and support as we incrementally move towards a "new normal". During phase one of our re-gathering plan the congregation has responded admirably. Each family did as we asked and as a result we have met safely and successfully at the building throughout the month of June.
Our plan is to move into phase two of our re-gathering plan beginning Sunday, July 5th. The purpose of this email is to outline the changes that will take effect as we enter phase two.
Service Times / Location
Beginning Sunday, July 5th we will only be offering ONE service at 10:00am. In addition, we will be moving our assembly back into the newly renovated auditorium space. 
Beginning Sunday, July 5th we will have ONE combined Bible class in the auditorium. This class is for all ages and will take place shortly after services end. There will be no children's classes, ladies class or men's class during phase two. 
Beginning Wednesday, July 8th we will have ONE combined Bible class in the auditorium beginning at 7:00pm. We will continue with our Wednesday Night Summer Series. In addition, we will have a brief period of singing and prayer at the beginning of the assembly. This class is for all ages and we will not have children's classes during phase two.
Our services will continue to be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube. The Sunday service will be live streamed beginning at 10:00am, and the Wednesday assembly will be live streamed beginning at 7:00pm. 
Social Distancing and Safety Guidelines
Many of the social distancing and safety guidelines will remain the same, however there are some changes. Please see the attached document that will be posted in the building during phase two.
Regarding the Lord's Supper and contribution, we will no longer be using the disposable communion items. Instead, those who serve communion will walk down each isle (trays will not be passed). During the partaking of the bread each person taking communion must take a cup with an individual piece of bread in it. The same for the fruit of the vine. Members must hold on to their cups until a trash container is brought by where they will be disposed of. There will continue to be a single point of collection for the contribution.
Auditorium Rededication 
Many long hours have been put in over the past two months renovating our foyer and auditorium space. Several of our members worked tirelessly to see this project through. The end result is a renovated space our congregation can continue to utilize for worship services, weddings, funerals, VBS, etc. for years to come. On Sunday, July 5th we will have a brief celebration and rededication starting at 9:30am in the multi-purpose room. The church will provide pastries, juice, coffee and tea. We will show a slideshow of the process and have a prayer before entering our newly renovated space for the first time. 
Once again, we are grateful for the prayers and support as we have worked through this difficult period. We know God is good, and we are grateful for His providence which is at work in our lives and in our congregation. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to one of us at your earliest convenience.
- The Elders

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